With our years of experience in recruitment, we understand what our clients need in order to identify the right candidate.

Classified Post assessment tools are designed to provide an efficient, flexible and inexpensive solution to evaluate
the applicants and to identify the right potential candidates.

Below is our suggested two-phase evaluation process:

Phase 1: Prior to meeting the potential candidates:

1. Initial Pick: Choose the appropriate applicants from the pools of submitted CVs

2. Screening Test: Assess the applicants using the aptitude screening tests to pick the best qualified candidates

3. Personality Questionnaires: Assess the shortlisted candidates’ aspiration to ensure the best job match

Phase 2: Inviting the shortlisted candidates to come for the in-person assessment day:

Inviting the shortlisted candidates to come for the in-person assessment day:

4. Selection Test: Offer the interviewees our selection tests to verify their abilities in person. Our stringently validated
selection test is 10 mins long which carries the feature of computer adaptive testing algorithm, which would adjust the
difficultness of the test in accordance to the participants’ answers in real-time.

5.Structured Interview: Compliment with a structured interview and/or other assessment exercise, the employer can
objectively and effectively select the right employee

Getting the right employee will increase organizational performance, employees’ retention, reduced cost of hire,
decreased absenteeism and higher level of employee engagement and motivation. Through the insights from the
assessment reports, employers can objectively and efficiently predict the appointee’s success in the organisation.

Let our assessment tools facilitate your smart hiring
and selection process now!



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